The Frozen Creek

This was of our most interesting adventures in New York! While Ashley was at the barn tending to Stosh, I decided to take the little ones to a local park. While walking around the park I noticed that the creek was frozen over. I took Braiden, Mason, and Brinley on the creek and saw the amazing frozen creek, with small bits of waterfalls and decided to go back and get Ash and the big girls. We all ventured out onto the frozen creek and walked a considerable distance oohing and ahhing. Brinley got a little scared of the ice as she saw me drop into the ice a few times. Never getting wet, but my philosophy was to walk ahead ensuring the ice would be strong enough under everyone elses feet… I am the heaviest be about 100 lbs or more. Everyone but Brinley thoroughly enjoyed it. I think she did, she just developed a fear of ice. Better luck next winter.

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