Howe Caverns

We visited Howe Caverns on 12/30/2010. It was an amazing place and we are so happy to have visited. It was on a whim that we went. The caverns were very well kept and seemed to go on forever. This place offers several different tours from the traditional to the adventure. We went with the children, so we took the traditional tour which descended 156 feet and embarked on a 90 minute tour. It was an amazing display of live rocks and beautiful scenery. We then reached the underground river where we boarded a boat and went down the river into the depths of what this place had to offer. We headed back and passed through what seemed to be a maze that took us out to the end.

We will have to return at a later date without the kiddos so that we are able to go on the adventure tour and see the caverns the way they were seen many years ago.

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