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Boys trip back to TX

The trip back to TX was a sad yet exciting trip. We decided to go and find the USO while waiting for our next plane. We ate and played. Next thing we knew, the police officer came up to us and asked if the boys had ever ridden a Segway. Naturally the answer was no, and he invited them to take it for a spin. This is one trip that I doubt they will forget!

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Mason on the Segway

Braiden on the Segway

Family Nature Preserves Pennsylvania State Parks

Geocaching in PA

This was our last day camping and geocaching in PA. It was an exciting day yet a rather sad one. It was the last day of our family vacation as well as the last real camping trip with the boys. We all can not wait for them to come back for some winter action!
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Family New York

Ballston Spa Family Day

Ballston Spa is a neat little town.  Since it is a rather quaint little town they are usually doing something to always get all the folks together to have a good time, most of the time for free.. Hey with 5 kids cheap is a good thing.. hahaha They had magic shows, bouncy houses, snakes …

Family New York

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking is so much fun!!!  Bowman’s Orchard is where we went and we got to ride on a tractor to take us to the fields.  Each kiddo had their own little bucket they could put their own strawberries in.  They were tickled to be able to do this.  It was something none of us …

Family New York

Randomness when boys were here

The big girls were at school so Rob and i decided to take the little ones to Friendly’s to go get ice cream.  We had a work get together at a park in Schenectady so the boys played.  Our good friends Matt and Becky have a awesome pool and one day when the men folk were at …