Boys trip back to TX

The trip back to TX was a sad yet exciting trip. We decided to go and find the USO while waiting for our next plane. We ate and played. Next thing we knew, the police officer came up to us and asked if the boys had ever ridden a Segway. Naturally the answer was no,…… Continue reading Boys trip back to TX

Geocaching in PA

This was our last day camping and geocaching in PA. It was an exciting day yet a rather sad one. It was the last day of our family vacation as well as the last real camping trip with the boys. We all can not wait for them to come back for some winter action! [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid_gp…… Continue reading Geocaching in PA

Pennsylvania by Amy O’banion

These pictures were in addition to the ones that we took while we were on vacation in PA. These photographs were taken by Amy O’banion. Once again I have to admit that this was one of the most enjoyable trips that we have made and hopefully there will be more to come. I am┬áhoping┬áthat we…… Continue reading Pennsylvania by Amy O’banion

Allegheny State Park

We went to the Alleghaney Mountains for the forth of july with the whole family and some friends. I was so happy to be going here as this was a place i visited as a child. This was one of those “We will go to before we move” places. I called my mother and found…… Continue reading Allegheny State Park

Camping in PA

Back at the Campgrounds in PA, the kiddos wanted to go to the creek and play in the water. We let them play for an hour or so and they had a blast. Mason was a little upset when it was dinner time as he was not ready to stop playing. [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid_gp id=AGdc27uXtUxWrss-FggrLMnDDCpX_Nq3OekgiQML3OfNpGAfsIy7iue2_A3PPbkSLgkdhRUL4xuZ theme=projig show_title=1…… Continue reading Camping in PA

Geocaching Sanders Preserve 2

Yet another outing into Sanders Preserve in order to obtain all of the caches placed in the Preserve. We got what we could but still have more to go! [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid_gp id=AGdc27tBO7d8uWKD_H2vj1v_ZratAIBKAhHUgnQ0Hpm9JwfXrGLTmfGs7UvOQ0_dLuJf1rtRPuRA theme=projig show_title=1 show_description=1 row_height=200 num_results=0]