Christmas 2011

Yet another successful Christmas!

Last night we went over to the Matt and Becky Joy’s House. We brought finger foods and snacked and hung out. Matt and I ducked outside and looked through his telescope at Jupiter in the freezing cold. After we were finished snacking and such, we decided to exchange and open a few gifts. What a wonderful time. I also was able to catch some of the Cowboys game… as terrible as it was.

This morning Brittney was constantly knocking on our door to wake us up so that the unwrapping could begin. Ashley got out of bed and went to get things organized as I lightly dozed. I got up and heated up some coffee. As it was warming up, Ashley noticed that we did in fact get our white Christmas. Not that it was a lot of snow, but everything was lightly dusted  I then turned Pandora on to our Christmas channel and we began opening presents. Not only were the kiddos inquisitive as to what was under the wrapping paper, the animals were also curious.

After all of the presents were done being opened, the games began.

I think the girls were more than happy with the gifts from Santa, family, and friends. This was yet another wonderful Christmas.

The photos:


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