Allegheny State Park

We went to the Alleghaney Mountains for the forth of july with the whole family and some friends. I was so happy to be going here as this was a place i visited as a child. This was one of those “We will go to before we move” places. I called my mother and found the name of one of the places we went when I was younger, “Thunder Rocks.” Of course I wanted my family to experience this place in all of its glory. So we headed out with our friends, about an hour drive from our campsites.

First stop was Thunder Rocks. As we walked up, the first instinct of everyone was I want to climb that rock! Well I am using the word “rock” loosely as it was more of a small mountain. So I climbed and helped the children climb as many of the large rocks as we could. Leaving the wives in our shadows with the puppies. Ashley even climbed one of the rocks… the country girl is still in her. So we headed on our way to snag a few of the Geocaches while we were there.

Next we went to the stone tower. I have to admit that i was very dissappointed when we walked up as we saw all of the graffiti that people have left over the years. But none the less standing on top of this mini castle you could see for miles around. What a view.

The last stop was to sceneic overlook. Well the overlook was a little overgrown, but we stood on top of our vehicles and once again looked at as far as the eye could see.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to share this experience with my family and friends.

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