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Nature Preserves New York

Edmond Niles Huyak Preserve

Today was a good day.  Early last year i was very interested in New York’s waterfalls.  I made a list of all the local ones in the area and when Rob was on his crappy shifts the girls and i would go out exploring them for something to do.  This place is about an hour from home but the pics online showed an absolute amazing waterfall that was fairly easy to get to.  So spring time last year the girls and i headed out to go see the 75ft waterfall and we were definitely not disappointed.

Well today when we got up and going i thought it would be a great day to take Rob to go see the beautiful waterfall and go hiking along the trails with the dogs.  It was a gorgeous day and come Saturday night/early Sunday is when the dang Hurricane is suppose to hit, so what better time to get out than this.

I dont think Rob was disappointed at all.  It was a beautiful site with very nice trails to go along and a Lake that you can fish at. Overall another one for the books!!!
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Recently we visited a BBQ joint here in NY. I was unsure of how tasty it would really be as it is NY of all places and I am a native Texan. I am very picky when it comes to BarBQ and it takes a lot to please me. We have heard a lot of great reviews from people here saying how good it is, and we decided to try it. Between the 4 of us, we got 1 lb of Brisket, 1 lb of sausage, a full rack of ribs, 8 pieces of Texas toast (LOL), 2 cornbread muffins, 2 orders of mac and cheese, Brunswick Stew, with Loganberry to drink.

I have to say that the brisket was amazing! I have smoked some here in NY myself and it was very enjoyable to have someone else doing all of the work. The sausage was also very good. The ribs on the other hand were not the greatest as they were tough and didn’t seem like there was a lot of meat on the bones, not to mention they were about $25 for the rack. Everything else was equally tasty and we all left with full bellies and there were some left overs for me to take to work the following day.

Final results are this place was very good and we will be returning at a later time when we get the hankering for some BarBQ. Not to mention when we have some money as this place is rather expensive. The old time setup of eating outside was awesome. We will be back!

Unfortunately the pictures came out a little blurry…

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State Parks

John B Thatcher State Park

We recently went to this state park in New York and it was amazing! Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to see all that it had to offer. We went down the Indian ladder trail which is where these photos were taken. After a short walk, we decided to do a few geocaches and then head back to the house as it was near sunset. We will most definitely be going back for a camping excursion!
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Boys trip back to TX

The trip back to TX was a sad yet exciting trip. We decided to go and find the USO while waiting for our next plane. We ate and played. Next thing we knew, the police officer came up to us and asked if the boys had ever ridden a Segway. Naturally the answer was no, and he invited them to take it for a spin. This is one trip that I doubt they will forget!

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Mason on the Segway

Braiden on the Segway

Family Nature Preserves Pennsylvania State Parks

Geocaching in PA

This was our last day camping and geocaching in PA. It was an exciting day yet a rather sad one. It was the last day of our family vacation as well as the last real camping trip with the boys. We all can not wait for them to come back for some winter action!
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