Ballston Spa Family Day

Ballston Spa is a neat little town.  Since it is a rather quaint little town they are usually doing something to always get all the folks together to have a good time, most of the time for free.. Hey with 5 kids cheap is a good thing.. hahaha They had magic shows, bouncy houses, snakes and creatures of the sorts, face painting, race cars you could sit in and all kids of neat exibits you could go see.  We met up with friends for a bit and all hung out.  The kiddos thought the snakes were awesome, well almost all the kids.. Bridget and Brinley were not thrilled to see the slithering and slimy creatures.  Mason and Brittney were all into and Braiden came around a little later.  Thats def one the kiddos can put into the books of thing most people have not or will not do….

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